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We unlock hidden potential and social value in line with good governance and long term sustainability.  Through creating leadership mindsets on every level, we help people become catalysts of change in every position.

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Seta Accredited Courses

  • Acme is a Business Leadership, Management and Professional Development Training Organisation, focussed on Government, Parastatals and Blue Chip Companies.

  • Our Objective is to help our Students improve their knowledge and skills whilst encouraging them to unlock their full potential.  

  • Our Facilitators/Trainers are experts in their subject matter and present high quality content, amplified by their rich knowledge and experience.  

  • The Implementation and Execution of the newly learned material is of critical importance.

  • We support our Students to the highest level through mentoring, coaching and consulting to maximise the implementation of their studies.



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Committed to the upliftment of people and communities, profitability of companies and economic growth of the country.